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Older Hermione & Draco Recs

'Older' is a rather flexible concept. Mostly what I was going for in these fic recs was a few things: Draco and Hermione being in their thirties or forties and the story being about a transitional period in their lives. The majority of fics about them seem to be set at Hogwarts or during their twenties, and while I love those fics, it's also nice to read about them during a different stage of their lives. The age, while a loose criteria, was less important than the sense that they were adults at a cross-road in their lives.

Ratings are AO3-style: General Audiences, Teen, Mature, Explicit

Best Beloved Fic of My Entire Heart

The Politician's Wife (65887 words) | M | by faviconpir8fancier
Characters: Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter
Summary: This story is set twenty-three years after the fall of Voldemort. Our main characters are Ministry employees, middle-aged, and the majority of them not very happy.

Other Lovely Things

Family Planning | E | by [personal profile] scifichick774
Summary/Excerpt: He'd forgotten how lonely being single made him feel.
Note: I love Epilogue-compliant fic.

The Widow Weasley | E | by drcjsnider (on
Summary: Twenty years after the Battle of Hogwarts the heroes of the Second Wizarding War begin to be assassinated. How far is the Ministry willing to go to stop these attacks?

Upon the Midnight Clear (4271 words) | E | by faviconMusyc
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Ron Weasley
Summary: Years after the war, things have changed. Hermione meets Draco at a Christmas party and goes home with him to make a little music.

Polaris | M | by slytherinlaurel
Summary: A distraught and newly widowed Draco finds himself subject to a marriage law that passed over fifteen years before.

The Runaways | T | by drcjsnider
Summary: Draco and Hermione join forces after Rose and Scorpius runaway from home.

The Morning After | T | by atalanta84
Summary: "The morning after always looks grim if you happen to be wearing last night's dress." - Ninotchka

Viva La Revolution | E | by Rizzle
Summary: Harry never made it and so the future of Magical Britain was re-written. Seventeen years after the fall of Hogwarts, the Commander of Voldemort's Death Eater Army contemplates what true freedom really means.

Concerned and Conceited, a Victorian Romance | M | by drcjsnider (on LJ)
Summary: When Hermione brings Rose to London for her first season, she did not expect to spend most of her time trying to prevent her daughter from getting engaged to the wrong man.

Quid Pro Quo | E | by ningloreth
Summary: Someone loses much more than his shirt at Draco's gaming tables.
Note: Possibly the only fic I've ever seen that actually addresses the technical problems of this particular fandom trope regarding size.

Stone Dragons | M | by Gravidy
Summary: The great battle had been fought and won. The Wizarding world was supposed to heal. But an ancient truth pits Hermione against Muggles and Wizards alike. Her only choice now is who to betray.

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