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A quick primer on how to look totally clueless, by Keith Mander:

@Jane: Does LiveJournal? Does Mugglenet? Does Does How much should I pay Tolkien? How should it be calculated? Should all donations the site has received (not much, I might add) be passed on to them? Would it be acceptable for the site to cover its costs? And have some cash to invest into improving the site? And what about the owner (who might be unemployed so that they have the time to run multiple sites) having some sort of wage so that they can eat and live? I’d like to better understand what you propose and what you would find acceptable.

Translation: I expect people to write for free, but since technical issues are real skills, I should be paid. All the money. To live on. Off of your free work. Also, I appear to be unaware that Tolkien is dead.

@AEÄRWEN: Do you ever use LiveJournal? YouTube? Other similar sites and platforms? People use them to publish and share their creative works for the benefit of a wider community and so that can interact with like minded people. Do these these sites run by corporations? Do they make money? Would these great sites exist if there wasn’t money available for its creators to survive and afford to spend their time developing these services? Is a better platform? Has more features? Has money played a role in that occurring?...And yes, I’m familiar of the FanLib saga although I wasn’t engaged in the community when it played out.

Translation: I still do not understand the difference between a platform and attempting to buy content I do not own. Also, I attempt to hedge about being involved with fandom by using the phrase 'engaged in the community', unaware that it is the most hilarious transparent bullshit understatement ever when followed by my latter comments.

@XYZ: Hardly the look of a corporate big-wig? I’m really quite a decent, likeable guy. I can see how some of my language, with buzzwords and money-orientated talk might paint a picture of me as a corporate tycoon relentlessly pursuing profit. It’s really just the language of the community I engage with at times. The language and buzzwords in fan fiction is also quite impregnable to the newcomer (slash, canon, and other words had me a bit thrown to begin with).

Translation: I am so goddamn clueless about what I got myself into that it's hilarious.

@WINGEDVICTORY: Sharing profits is an idea that could be explored further, should there be profits or any money involved at all. Indeed there are forums and communities which share profits with users based on their engagement and other factors.

Translation: I still have no idea what a 'copyright violation' is. Nor do I understand the concept of a rhetorical question.

@ZIGGY: ...It sounds like you think it’s fair for the admin to receive some wage for running the site so that they can eat, survive and be able to dedicate their site to develop the site, would I be correct in saying that?...The reality is that I’m quite clueless about some of the issues and want to stay open, saying something like the NC-17 policy won’t change might be shooting myself in the foot. As I explain in my response to KYMAHALEI, nothing is going to change with this unless you want to do so. So my previous comment that it ‘could change but definitely not now’ is accurate, I just didn’t make myself clear enough that it’s really up to you.

Translation: I will throw authors and users to the fucking wolves, if need be.

@STELLA: I’d love to develop a better archiving software that everyone can benefit from, if you’ll allow me. I’m confident that I can do a really great job, just like I’ve done with other sites which people love. But for now, as per our most recent announcement, nothing is really set to change.

Translation: Please allow me to use your work as my risk-free venture capital source. Also, I am super entitled and believe that you fandom people are infringing on my right to build a business. Clearly, you should all shut up, sit down, and wait for me to produce results while you fund me.

Keith Mander, your comment is a dream. AFK for dying from laughter.

edit on 7/9/2011 - tagged with the ship: draco/hermione tag because of an epic Dramione fanfic meta/tropes discussion in the comments courtesy of [personal profile] musyc and [personal profile] mswyrr!

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