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Dramione Ate My Life: A Draco/Hermione Fic Rec List

The ship that ate my brain. I don't even remember how I fell into this one less than two months ago; I think I was running around someone's rec post, saw 'Draco/Hermione,' laughed at the ridiculous impossibility of it, read it on a whim, and then was eaten by a giant obsession for this ship.

At it's best, Draco/Hermione is all the deliciousness of rivals-turn-to-romance, all the humor from two clever people snarking at each other, all the tragedy of a world that has experienced two devastating wars, and all the amazing world-building of the Harry Potter canon world. It can also be quite dark, given the amount of war-AUs, but even then the personalities carry over into painfully sharp interactions.

All I can say is, hell, try it. There are some incredible authors who have written for this pairing, including one who wrote what is probably one of my favorite works of fiction, never mind fanfiction, for this ship.

Note: I meant to go through the entire [ profile] dmhgficexchange archive, but this post was already threatening to explode under its own weight. That exchange will get its own rec post at a later date. I also have an working draft post entirely for Veela!Draco fic. (SOS: Send help, life consumed by this ship. Help me!)

If you find busted links, please let me know! Also, as always, if you have a rec, let me know! I <3 reading fic. :)

Fics That Taste Like Canon

Nothing Like the Sun | MA | by [ profile] musesfool
Summary/Excerpt: "The war was going badly. Hermione could admit that in the silence of her own head, even if she would never tell Harry."

Only the Cold | PG | by blue movies
Summary/Excerpt: While in Charms class, Vincent Crabbe muses about Draco Malfoy's feelings for Hermione Granger.

Prisoners (2140 words) / on H+V | MA | by faviconningloreth
Summary/Excerpt: When Harry and Ron escape from Malfoy Manor, Hermione’s left behind.

The Gentle Strains | G | by yesterday4 / [ profile] yesterday4
Summary/Excerpt: Astoria witnesses a moment between Draco and Hermione.
Note: Epilogue-compliant.

Lights Out | MA | by [ profile] phoebe
Summary/Excerpt: And that’s why they’re there this first Tuesday night, he and Granger. They walk through the dark places of Hogwarts, after all the dormitory lights go out, and Hogwarts’ students resign themselves to whatever waits in their dreams.

My Handful of All-Star Favorites

The Politician's Wife (65871 words) / on H+V | R | by faviconpir8fancier
Summary/Excerpt: This story is set twenty-three years after the fall of Voldemort. Our main characters are Ministry employees, middle-aged, and the majority of them not very happy.
Notes: This is the story that is one of my favorite works of fiction. I just. I can't even. It's twenty years later, it's about mid-life crises, about marriages falling apart, about questioning what you want, and about what defines us. Seriously. Read the damn thing.

Twelfth Use Of Dragon's Blood | G | by Wonderland Toy
Summary/Excerpt: Draco and Hermione do not have a conversation in the library. No, really.

Chess or Death / on H+V | G | by [ profile] yourebrilliant / yourebrilliant on H+V
Summary/Excerpt: A misunderstanding leads to an odd wizards' duel.

Love, Animal Style on H+V / on | PG | by RZZMG on / RZZMG on H+V
Summary/Excerpt: When the newly appointed Head Boy, Draco Malfoy, purchases an ancient Meso-American talisman from Borgin & Burke's in Knockturn Alley with the intention of cheating and passing it off as his own creation for class, he makes the mistake of not exactly knowing what the magically imbued item can do. Unfortunately, Head Girl Hermione Granger and he soon discover the medallion's special talent for causing all sorts of trouble. Sometimes it takes an accident of epic proportions to bring two stubborn tempers together!

The Virgin Conundrum | MA | by [ profile] akashathekitty on H+V
Summary/Excerpt: Hermione needs to get rid of her pesky virginity for her very own reasons. The solution to that is, of course, to make a list of the boys at Hogwarts to find out which one will suit her purpose best! Draco Malfoy is at first left off her list, but when he finds out and teases her about it, she realises that maybe he has a point--after all, who would be better to take her virginity than the most gossiped about skirt chaser at Hogwarts? When he's not even remotely as willing as she thought he'd be, Hermione realises she's got a challenge on her hands.

Anniversary Arrangements / on H&V | MA | by [ profile] scarlettcat / scarlettcat on H&V
Summary/Excerpt: Draco and Hermione have a little fun at everyone's expense.
Note: Read this one only after you've read enough Dramione fiction to make your brain explode. It's a lovingly-done skewer of every Dramione trope out there and catching the references will put you in danger of dying while laughing!

Everything Else I Have to Say

Fic Recs!

C is for Clandestine | T | by [personal profile] scifichick774
Summary/Excerpt: One hour of following Draco Malfoy around was all it took for Hermione to know that she wasn't cut out for all of the cloak-and-dagger nonsense that her friends still engaged in.

Afraid of the Dark | G | by [personal profile] scifichick774
Summary/Excerpt: Draco’s whinging might be annoying, but it’s effective.

Brave Little Gryffindor & Sneaky Little Slytherin | T | by [personal profile] scifichick774
Summary/Excerpt: Fred and George’s teasing goes awry after Hermione’s graduation ceremony.

Not So Secret | MA | by [personal profile] scifichick774
Summary/Excerpt: Jealousy causes the end of the secret part of a secret relationship.

Family Planning | MA | by [personal profile] scifichick774
Summary/Excerpt: He'd forgotten how lonely being single made him feel.
Note: I love Epilogue-compliant fic.

Only Logical | MA | by [personal profile] scifichick774
Summary/Excerpt: Frustrated at Harry and Ron's lack of enthusiasm in hunting for the Horcruxes, Hermione launches her own search, but pieces of Voldemort's soul aren't the only things she finds.
Note: Werewolf!Draco and a well-done portrayal, too.

Better (1046 words) | T | by faviconGreenschist
Summary/Excerpt: Just another full moon morning at Malfoy Manor.
Note: More Werewolf!Draco

A Proper Expression of Gratitude (3571 words) | T | by faviconGreenschist
Summary/Excerpt: Never again will Hermione leave Draco unattended with a stack of blank cards and their address book; or, Hermione teaches Draco how to say "thank you."

She Gave Me A Pen | G | by silviaelisa
Summary/Excerpt: Draco Malfoy was a patient man.

A Trifling Matter | PG | by Kyri07
Summary/Excerpt: Draco, Hermione, a tent, and a bowl of trifle.

Wardrobe, A Malfunction | T | by ceresvesta
Summary/Excerpt: The morning after did not go exactly as they had planned.

A Witch, Her Cat and Her Lover | T | by vox_rowan / [ profile] vox_rowan
Summary/Excerpt: There is only room for one man in Hermione Granger’s life, and he has four paws and a bushy tail.

Operation Cheer Up Granger (But Don’t Die Trying) | T | by LostMaeblleshire / [ profile] peskywhistpaw
Summary/Excerpt: What could have ever caused Granger to become so very un-Grangerish? It made the world seem a little unbalanced; Granger was supposed to be Grangerish, and that was simply a fact of life. (She was also supposed to be ugly, but he let that matter slide in favor of more important ones.) ... In which Hermione behaves oddly, Draco goes to ridiculous lengths, and Harry has no idea what’s going on.

The Delicate Task of Acting One's Age | PG | by LostMaeblleshire / [ profile] peskywhistpaw
Summary/Excerpt: Black mood lifting, Malfoy straightens out the collar of his coat. “Yes,” he declares, alarmingly pleased with himself. “I have decided to become... a charity case.” (In which Draco Malfoy fails to understand a lot of things.)

Love, Sludge, and Dungarees | PG | by LostMaeblleshire / [ profile] peskywhistpaw
Summary/Excerpt: In which Malfoy changes species (twice), Hermione does some rescuing, and a whole lot of mirrors get broken.

Toothpaste | T | by Glalie773
Summary/Excerpt: "She told me I was doing it wrong, and that I had to spit, not swallow," Draco said sullenly. Blaise choked with laughter. "Oh, Draco, and did you push her up against the wall and demand she do the same?"

Nobody Has to Know, Draco | T | by Glalie773
Summary/Excerpt: "No one has to know that you can't create a Patronus yet, Draco."

One Thousand Points to Gryffindor | T | by Glalie773
Summary/Excerpt: "Stop being so cheerful!" Severus barked out, pointing his forefinger at Draco in dire accusation. "Stop it! Now!"

Cheaters, Lies, and Draco's Surmise | T | by Glalie773
Summary/Excerpt: "Hermione Granger cheated, can you believe it?"

Going To Record (653 words) | G | by faviconvoleuse
Summary/Excerpt: I was always afraid of things that worked the first time.

In Endless Feuding Perish (1280 words) | R | by faviconvoleuse
Summary/Excerpt: I can't hold you and I can't leave you.

Through Trial and Error | T | by [ profile] little_murmurs
Summary/Excerpt: Post Deathly Hallows: Hermione unintentionally thwarts Draco Malfoy in the course of her duty and must suffer – so to speak – the consequences.

Twenty Random Facts about Draco and Hermione | PG | by [ profile] little_murmurs
Summary/Excerpt: Twenty items of information about Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy of varying degrees of interest.

Live to Strive: The Daily Prophet Remix | T | by [ profile] little_murmurs
Summary/Excerpt: A tale in which people are defined as much by their absence as by their presence, dreams are held dear but not followed, the essentials are denied to those who seek them, and some paths are hidden in the yellow wood.

A Fairy Tale Romance (5628 words) | R | by faviconningloreth
Summary/Excerpt: Fighting his feelings for Hermione (even though hers must be pretty obvious to everyone but him), Draco tries to put things right between her and Ron.
Note: A delightful inversion of the Cinderella story.

The Mask (4919 words) | MA | by faviconningloreth
Summary/Excerpt: Draco's wife has disappeared.

The second chance (7546 words) | R | by faviconningloreth
Summary/Excerpt: Fifteen years after the War, Hermione is determined to marry Cormac McLaggen, former Quidditch all-star, rescuer of imperilled house-elves, and most promising candidate for Minister of Magic. That is, until her long-lost reprobate of an ex-husband swans back into her life to mess it all up.

The Beginning (9544 words) | MA | by faviconningloreth
Summary/Excerpt: Everywhere Hermione looks, Draco's there, watching her. Does he truly love her, or are his desires more sinister?

Mudblood (4124 words) | MA | by faviconningloreth / ningloreth on H+V
Summary/Excerpt: Draco must marry a pure-blood to secure his family’s future, but an encounter with Hermione Granger shows him a way to make his own future bearable; Hermione, too compassionate—and far too attracted to him—for her own good, doesn’t realise what he wants until it’s too late.

Fourth Time's the Charm on H+V / on | T | by [ profile] atalanta84 / atalanta84 on H+V / horcruxnumber8 on
Summary/Excerpt: Draco had no idea why he kept kissing Hermione Granger. The one thing he did know was that it wasn't his fault.

The Muggle Way on H+V | T | by atalanta84
Summary/Excerpt: Draco discovers the joys of malfunctioning Muggle technology.

The Revenant on H+V | T | by [ profile] atalanta84 / atalanta84 on H+V / horcruxnumber8 on
Summary/Excerpt: Sometimes fate brings us far from home, and sometimes it brings us back again. When a friend’s mysterious death causes Draco Malfoy to return to Britain, he is finally forced to face his past, and the love he left behind. A story about second chances.

Just Communication | T | by Hanako A
Summary/Excerpt: Somewhere along the line Hermione forgot to mention to Draco that her friends already knew about the two of them, and vice versa. Which was the reason why they were still sneaking around like pair of teenagers, afraid about getting caught.

Working Together on LJ / on H+V | T | by [ profile] yourebrilliant / yourebrilliant on H+V
Summary/Excerpt: It's the kind of project she loves, with the kind of guy she...hates?

Dead Girls Don't Matter | T | by Tonya / [ profile] _fullofgrace
Summary/Excerpt: Draco has a job to finish.

Christmas Cards | PG | by Rizzle
Summary/Excerpt: Hermione just wanted to mail her Christmas cards. What she wasn't expecting was abduction and a bizarre evening of introspection and confession with the enemy on the night before Christmas.

Something Old on / GE | G | by Rizzle
Summary/Excerpt: He called her Granger, just to be contrary. On the eve of a wedding, a groom escapes from his bachelor party and visits his bride-to-be for one last, pre-nuptial interlude.

Bachelor Party on on GE | R | by Rizzle
Summary/Excerpt: Wizarding Britain's most famous couple is getting married. Organised mayhem ensues.

The Eyes of the Forest on / GE | R | by Rizzle
Summary/Excerpt: They make such a beautiful couple, my wayward lovers. A perfect mismatched set. One dark, the other light. One sunshine and autumn, the other thunderstorms and rainy days.

Ribbons on / GE | R | by Rizzle
Summary/Excerpt: It's tricky being a teenager. It's tough being the most talked about couple at Hogwarts. It's even more difficult saying those Three Little Words.

Dystopia on / GE / LJ | MA | by Rizzle
Trigger Warning: Non-con
Summary/Excerpt: Kidnapped and expecting to be abandoned to his fate, Draco Malfoy writes a personal account of life, love and loss after the end of the Second War. His story encompasses two unforgivable acts, a wedding, a divorce, a kidnapping and maybe a rescue.

The Art of Diplomacy on | MA | by Rizzle
Summary/Excerpt: The end of Voldemort heralds the signing of the first Wizarding Peace Accord, allowing Purebloods and Wizarding Citizens to co-exist under very strict rules. But the Accord requires more than just optimism to work. It requires the art of diplomacy.

Propositioned | T | by dormiensa
Summary/Excerpt: Hermione teases Draco about how his silver tongue got all tied up during his botched proposal.

Forge | T | by dormiensa
Summary/Excerpt: Narcissa is tired of her son's playboying ways and has enlisted Hermione to help break him of his habits.

Silk and Gossamer Things, Dainty Sandwiches, Decadent Desserts and Aromatic Teas | R | by margaritama
Summary/Excerpt: Mothers in the Wizarding world have banded to trap young witches. Hermione ducks, avoids and runs until she’s well and truly caught.

Sucker Punch | R | by [ profile] riptey
Summary/Excerpt: Sometimes you want to punch somebody. Other times, you're the one getting hit. - After an unfortunate bar fight, Hermione Granger accidentally invites Draco Malfoy to crash on her couch indefinitely, but at least she's got his wand.

Touch and Go on | G | by [ profile] riptey
Summary/Excerpt: A series of ten freestyle drabbles where Draco and Hermione break up, from different points in their relationship.

Bring Out Your Dead on H+V / | R | by [ profile] riptey
Summary/Excerpt: Draco only had to hide his father's death for a week to collect on a dirty Quidditch bet, but Hermione caught him in the act. Now, she has to find Lucius Malfoy's body before she can report the death, and it could be anywhere in the house. Malfoy Manor is larger and more powerful than she ever thought possible, and there are secrets and horrors buried inside that even Draco's never imagined. Trapped in a semi-sentient house without a master, there's nowhere to hide from the ancient Dark Magic or the Malfoy family's gruesome past.

Friend Number Three on H+V / on | T | by [ profile] riptey
Summary/Excerpt: How do you deal with the Pureblood aristocracy, Ministry corruption, Muggle culture invasions, and constant questions about your love life while juggling more than two friends and not being a total jerk? Don't ask Draco: he doesn't know.

Side to Side on H+V / on | T | by [ profile] riptey
Summary/Excerpt: Seated together at the Ministry's annual Christmas Ball, Draco and Hermione might get bored enough to discuss certain events in their shared past. Or maybe they'll just get drunk.

Queen of Heaven on H+V / on | T | by [ profile] riptey
Summary/Excerpt: Draco's only friend in prison is a spider, and its venom causes hallucinations of Hermione. The only problem is that Dream Hermione keeps insisting she's real.

Dream Machine on H+V / | T | by [ profile] riptey
Summary/Excerpt: The former blood purity sympathizers are subjected to a magical machine that induces guilt in large doses. Hermione thinks it's torture, but sometimes the ends justify the means.

Heavy Lies the Crown on H+V / on | R | by floorcoaster / luckei1
Summary/Excerpt: For seven years, Draco has carried the weight of the world on his shoulders, and just when he thinks he'll be released, something happens that will make him seek help from the last person he could have imagined.

Truths (4894 words) | T | by faviconMusyc
Summary/Excerpt: Ginny grinned at her. "It's the first of April. Congratulations, Hermione Granger, you're the Teller of Truths."

Coffee and Cake (1411 words) | G | by faviconMusyc
Summary/Excerpt: Draco is at a loss in Muggle London. Hermione buys him a coffee, for starters.

Whispers (1775 words) | MA | by faviconMusyc
Summary/Excerpt: He tells her what he's going to do to her.

Ardent Bonds (16741 words) | MA | by faviconMusyc
Summary/Excerpt: Maybe it was wrong to think about this, maybe it was horrible to even consider, but if Draco Malfoy liked to dominate, she couldn't stop herself from picturing it. Picturing him.

The Nymph Hunt on / on H+V | T | by AkashaTheKitty on / on H+V
Summary/Excerpt: Hermione is stuck in a job that promised potential but so far only delivered frustration and humiliation at the hand of her boss and the ever-annoying Draco Malfoy. Only when forced to be someone she's not, does she begin to question if everything is what it seems.

All's Fair on H+V / on | T | by Marmalade Fever
Summary/Excerpt: Blood warms the heart in love and runs freely in war, and all is fair either way.

How to Build a Sofa Fort in Ten Not-So-Easy Steps (4523 words) | T | by faviconpokeystar
Summary/Excerpt: Sometimes, you need instructions.

Maffy the Grumpy House-Elf on H+V / on GE | T | by [ profile] pokeystar / [ profile] pokeystar
Summary/Excerpt: "As the Deputy Chief Representative for the Council for House-Elf Welfare," she replied, sharpening her quill. "I must inform you that curtailing an elf’s natural state is prohibited under current Ministry law."

Respected Elf Enslaver, on H+V / on | T | by Alex25
Summary/Excerpt: "Homer scuffled around a bit to look down at the name on the letter. Draco Malfoy. He didn't know the boy. Homer hooted loudly, asking anyone whether they knew Draco Malfoy. Half the Owlery hooted back. He wouldn't be able to miss him, they said, hair so blond it was almost white. Looks like a bloody albino except his eyes aren't red, kind of like Hedwig, the snowy white. Hedwig, over near the window, hooted back angrily at the room. She didn't like being compared to the boy."
Note: Features the best narrator ever, Homer the Hogwarts Owl, who is handsome, wise, an intrepid deliverer of letters and an amateur match-maker.

A Pound of Flesh | MA | by Pennilyn Novus
Summary/Excerpt: Becoming attached had never been part of the plan. Neither was falling in love. One night out on the town, Hermione comes face to face with Draco Malfoy--Memory Charmed and living as a Muggle--and an opportunity too good to pass up. What starts as revenge quickly grows into something more, and as Hermione delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding the man who can't remember who he is - the man everyone thought was dead - she might discover more than she can handle.
Note: The first chapter is all kind of ridiculous, but I swear that you should keep going because it's an excellent fic.

Ready Ankles | T | by inadaze22
Summary/Excerpt: When Draco and Hermione join forces in an effort to mend a broken relationship, things instantly start to change. Before they know it, nothing is safe anymore. Not the margarine or even their own hearts.

Seven Days in April | T | by inadaze22
Summary/Excerpt: They were still the same people with the same problems on either side of a bathroom door.

Days without Rain | R | by Lia
Summary/Excerpt: The last thing Hermione needed was for Draco Malfoy to show up half-dead on her doorstep. But things are not always as they seem, and she soon finds herself facing a mystery more dangerous than she could have imagined.

The Fallout | MA | by everythursday
Summary/Excerpt: Hermione learns about growing up through the redemption of Draco Malfoy.

Parade of the Sun | MA | by everythursday
Summary/Excerpt: Floralis Fati is a plant with the power to control time, hidden in the wild, and protected by a magic that strips people of their own while seeking to kill them. Hermione wants it to save the world. Draco wants it to save himself. Sometimes what we want can destroy us - and sometimes it can build us new again.

The Wrong Man (7025 words) | MA | by faviconSnegurochka
Summary/Excerpt: A man who looked very much like Draco Malfoy walked into Hermione's office, brandishing a piece of parchment and a pitch-perfect insult. That would have been right before she grabbed him by the front of his robes and dragged him inside, silently thanking her husband, the inventors of Polyjuice potion, and anyone else who might have had a hand in making her secret fantasy come to life for Valentine's Day. That also would have been one hour and fifteen minutes ago.

Abandoned WIPs That Are So Good That You Should Read Them Because I Would Sacrifice All the Goats, Ever, to Make Them Complete

The Uneventful Story | MA | by [ profile] snowflakeimp
Summary/Excerpt: "It's an uneventful story where nothing happens. And when nothing happens, EVERYTHING happens."
Note: Try and find the moment when Draco goes completely off the deep end; it's earlier than you think. Trust me, this looks like a fluffy Ministry-fic, but it's a deeply twisted post-War trauma fic at its core. Snowflake Imp plays a beautiful shell-game with your expectations.
Link Issue: More complete on, but the formatting is @#$@!ed up for the early chapters, so read chapters 1 - 18 on and 19 - 20 on

China Patterns and Werewolves | R | by [ profile] little_murmurs
Summary/Excerpt: Ten Times Hermione Granger Tried to Break Up with Draco Malfoy

Midnight by SpankingHalo
Summary/Excerpt: It has been three years since Voldemort won. Hermione is one of the few wizards left free, concealed in the ruins of Hogwarts. And only midnight reveals its secrets. But she has been discovered by the last person she wants to see.

General Author Recommendations aka They Write Good Fic

AkashaTheKitty on H+V / / [ profile] akashathekitty

Ningloreth on [personal profile] ningloreth / H+V / [ profile] ningloreth

[personal profile] scifichick774: Check her ship: hermione/draco tag.

Riptey on H+V / / [ profile] riptey (I <3 her profile: "I'm a feminist, and I try to show that in the way I write Hermione's strengths and flaws and behavior, but it's not always perfect.")

Rizzle on / on Granger Enchanted / [ profile] fangirlyness

Musyc aka LdyMusyc / [ profile] musyc / [personal profile] musyc

floorcoaster aka luckei1 on / floorcoaster on H+V / [ profile] floorcoaster / [ profile] floofics

Communities and Resources:
Most Useful Websites
accioDHR: A recommendations library for Draco/Hermione. Love the fact that it allows for multiple archive links as well as flagging dead links. You will hit a dead link, run crying to accioDHr and it will give you a working link! Because it is magic! Magic made of love!
Hawthorn + Vine: The epicenter of D/Hr fanfiction archiving, as well as a pretty sweet 'ship community in and of itself. If there's one archive you go through, make it this one. Also allows fics to be downloaded/printed, which means an easy way to read long fics!
[ profile] dmhgficexchange: A fantastic fic exchange which produces a ridiculous number of excellent fics each round. Give up and just become a member. There's too many gems in their archives to even consider doing otherwise.

Fanfic Rec Lists/Sites
Know It Alls: A site devoted to rec'ing excellent Harry Potter fanfiction. Check the DM/HG category.
Elysian Fields: Fanfic recs of varying quality. Check the Draco/Hermione tag.
Gryff-Slytherin's Profile: A account that seems to be completely devoted to fic recs and fic links.
Loves Dramione: A fanfic rec blog devoted to Draco/Hermione.
[ profile] heathenrespite's Draco/Hermione Recommendation List
[ profile] crack_broom is a volunteer-staffed rec community for high-quality HP fanfic. Check their draco/hermione tag.
Fantastic Dramione Fiction: Someone went through a lot of and made a list of their favorites.
Must Read DMHG Fics: Ditto, as in another rec list.

Other Relevant Archives
It's Always the Quiet Ones: An archive focused on all combinations of Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini and Hermione Granger. Also known as the home of that really racist banner, but that seems to be more the fault of the archive runners than the authors (I hope).
Granger Enchanted: Some kind of giant multi-headed monster archive for fanfiction featuring Hermione Granger. I don't even understand how it's subdivided or why, but it hosts The Manor for Hermione/Malfoy fic and Pure Arrogance for Hermione/Pureblood fic.

Stuff I Couldn't Figure Out How to Label
[ profile] pokeystar's Shipper's Manifesto: Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger aka: Skating (in Hell) on Butter Knives
[ profile] dramione: A general 'ship community.
[community profile] dramione: A general 'ship community for the DW crowd.
[ profile] dramione_ldws: A Last Drabble Writer Standing competition.
[ profile] dmhgchallenge: A monthly drabble challenge community.
[ profile] dramione_remix: A fest that remixes old stories with Dramione.
[ profile] dramione_duet: A fest which does story exchanges between authors.
[ profile] dramione_awards: An awards community to promote the DM/HG ship and recognize authors and artists.
[ profile] dhr_archive: An archive for listing completed DM/HG stories. Last updated February 2010.
[ profile] dmhg_complete: A listing of complete DM/HG stories. Last updated May 2010.
[ profile] dhr_news: A weekly DM/HG newsletter. Last updated September 2010, but their archives look like they're more than worth the time for a perusal.

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