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Puppy Love: A Remus/Sirius Retro Rec List

Oh, how I adore this ship. Folks, I went through the long, dusty corners of the web, the Wayback Machine, and journals that haven't been updated since the early 2000s to bring you this fic. It was worth it, because I unearthed some gems. What follows is my personal list of fics I loved during the time I was heavily reading this ship around 2004/2005. If I didn't love it, it didn't make the list.

While assembling this list, I ran into many dead links and vanished sites. If you write fic, I implore you to either archive your fic (I prefer AO3 for numerous reasons of structure and formatting), or at least not delete/purge/friends-lock-to-death your work. If your work goes offline, I guarantee you that there is someone out there who will be utterly heartbroken to find it gone.

As always, I love recommendations from other people! Comments with further recommended reading are always appreciated.

My Handful of Absolute All-Star Favorites

Faded laughter against her ear (1384 words) by faviconSharpestRose
Summary: Ginny finds a portrait in the attic.

That Year by Jaida
Summary/Excerpt: "That year Remus discovers something he wishes he hadn't."

Cliche #5 (2882 words) by faviconrageprufrock
Summary/Excerpt: The problem with teaching someone with a deeply vindictive personality Occlumency was the inevitable problem of his using it to evil ends; or. Remus Lupin, Sultan's Pleasure Boy.

Seven Things That Didn't Happen On Valentine's Day At Hogwarts, Or Maybe They Did (25172 words) by faviconrageprufrock
Summary/Excerpt: "This is the weirdest Valentine's Day yet," Peter mused. / "But not 'ever,'" Remus said dryly.

Levity by [ profile] rageprufrock
A series of four chronological fics that constitutes my personal canon for both the Marauders-era and Remus/Sirius. It just has that edge of truth.
Magic Words (7692 words) by faviconrageprufrock | R | It's not as easy as Abracadabra
Vector (12726 words) by faviconrageprufrock | R | Mathematics: A quantity, such as velocity, completely specified by a magnitude and a direction. / 3. A force or influence
Levity (12146 words) by faviconrageprufrock | R | Remus should have known better
And Still (18601 words) by faviconrageprufrock| NC-17 | The hardest life to live is the one apart

Everything Else I Have to Say

The Shoebox Project
The Shoebox Project is one of those ship - if not fandom - defining works that is unspeakably brilliant. It was a long multi-media, many year, Marauders-era narrative, and probably not only brought many people into the ship but likely defined their relationship with the entire Harry Potter series. I cannot recommend it strongly enough.

[ profile] shoebox_project by [ profile] ladyjaida and [ profile] dorkorific (functionally dead after a devastating hack in 2008)
Shoebox Project in PDF: The PDF archives of the entire Shoebox Project

Fic Recommendations with Good Links:
Just Breathe by Setissma
Summary/Excerpt: In which Remus tries his hand at being a copy editor, a teacher, a pirate, and a dog walker, Sirius bakes a cake and scorns premade hot chocolate mix, and people kiss in the rain.

The Arrangement (also on by [ profile] moony
Summary/Excerpt: Sirius isn't gay. Neither is Remus. They just happen to be sleeping together a lot.

Silver by [ profile] rhoddlet / [personal profile] quigonejinn / [ profile] quigonejinn
Summary/Excerpt: "Something that Remus has to gently correct Hermione about at one point is that he doesn't really transform when the moon goes round. He's always a werewolf: it's not like he's a human being when the moon is down or shaped like a sliver of nail."

Do and Do Not by [personal profile] imochan / Do and Do Not by [ profile] imochan
Summary/Excerpt: "For the first few weeks of living in Sirius’s old, cracked, dusty flat, Remus is very happy. Sirius “lets” him pay a quarter of the rent, and Remus only says let because it makes Sirius feel better, but he knows it was the fact that he threatened to hex Sirius’s eyeballs inside-out if he insisted on charity."

This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours by [ profile] hackthis
Summary/Excerpt: There’s only one story in the entire world and everything else is a variation thereof, so the idea that Sirius fell through the veil and died is just one potential ending out of hundreds of thousands. Remus doesn't like that particular ending, so he’s going to choose another one. Lots of others.

My Funny Valentine by Canis M. / [ profile] canis_m / [ profile] canis_m
Summary/Excerpt: Clever bastards, those Romans. A Lupercalia challenge fic.

Written by Hand by Setissma
Summary/Excerpt: When Remus has to go to Romania for a summer, he takes the only thing he can: pieces of everyone. Somehow, he ends up taking a bigger piece of someone than he might have hoped.

Registration by [personal profile] copperbadge
Summary/Excerpt: James roped Remus and Sirius into holding his place in line for registering Harry; when he defaults at the last minute, his friends are forced to pick Harry's name for him.

Two Weaknesses by [personal profile] musesfool / Two Weaknesses by [ profile] musesfool
Summary/Excerpt: "For the first time since she's known him, Sirius Black sounds fragile and looks lost."

Razor's Edge by [personal profile] musesfool
Summary/Excerpt: "This was the problem. He was always letting his emotions run away with him, while Remus just sat there, calm and controlled."

Pathetic Fallacy by [personal profile] musesfool / Pathetic Fallacy by [ profile] musesfool
Summary/Excerpt: "I'll teach you whatever you want to know about werewolf mating habits."

A Slip of the Tongue by [personal profile] musesfool
Summary/Excerpt: "Sirius is a daft bastard. Remus accepts that."

Something Borrowed by [personal profile] musesfool
Summary/Excerpt: "If they were on speaking terms, Remus would scoff and ask him how he could tell the difference between one white, cotton shirt and another, but Sirius could, and did."

Falling Is Like This by [personal profile] musesfool / Falling Is Like This by [ profile] musesfool
Summary/Excerpt: "Love is like falling and falling is like this"

Arpeggio (4945 words) by faviconrageprufrock
Summary/Excerpt: Remus meets Sirius on the Hogwarts Express when Sirius' piano falls on his foot.

James Isn't Stupid (2034 words) by faviconrageprufrock
Summary/Excerpt: Mostly. This may be an exception.

Delta (6607 words) by faviconrageprufrock
Summary/Excerpt: Deltas, floodplanes, and change. (Or, what could have happened if Remus was less forgiving.)

You Showed Me by [personal profile] musesfool
Summary/Excerpt: "Here he was, hoping things would be different this time, when things were never different between him and Sirius."

The Odd Couple by Neato
Summary/Excerpt: Remus and Sirius get a great deal on a flat: pretending to be a couple together when they're really just friends. But, when does the pretending end? Can two best friends live in an apartment without driving each other crazy or falling in love?

Waiting for Doirbou by [ profile] unoriginal_liz
Summary/Excerpt: “We have to wait until the doirbou comes out.”

untitled by [ profile] unoriginal_liz
Summary/Excerpt: “It being final year and all, sometimes they talk about the future, which still seems a long way off."

Fic Resurrected Thanks to the Cold Yet Loving Claws of the Wayback Machine:
Certain Circumstances by Jaida
Summary/Excerpt: "That morning had been - Remus believes this to be the technical term - a total and unmitigated disaster."

Disasters by Jaida
Summary/Excerpt: "Considering who they were dealing with, it was lucky there were only two major disasters to account for."

Constant Vigilance by Jaida
Summary/Excerpt: "Sirius is absolutely, totally and completely, no doubt about it, fall-down-and-won't-get-up- til-morning, Remus-is-going-to-have-to-make-two-pots-of-coffee, bite-of-the-dog-what-bit- him-won't-even-help, countless sheets to the wind drunk."

Padfood by Jaida
Summary/Excerpt: "When he comes to Remus to apologize he always does so on all fours. Literally."

Quotation by Jaida
Summary/Excerpt: "Do you hear the words in your head before you say them?"

It Must Be The Flu by [ profile] ladyjaida
Summary/Excerpt: One day Remus Lupin realizes he is in love with Sirius Black.

Fic Ripped From the Guts of Google Cache
Absolute Beginners by [ profile] auburn_crimson
Summary/Excerpt: "They were aiming for a marathon of twenty-four straight hours of being secretly in love, but the girls found out after twelve and they fell asleep after eighteen."

General Author Recommendations aka Probably Anything They Wrote Is Excellent:
[ profile] rageprufrock (DW @ [personal profile] rageprufrock)
[personal profile] copperbadge's fic @ [personal profile] sam_storyteller
[personal profile] musesfool / [ profile] musesfool / [personal profile] musesfool's fanfiction index on delicious (go to the 'remus/sirius' tag) / victoria p.'s HP Fanfiction

Fic That Would Have Made All-Star Favorites List, But I Can't Show You Because It's Either Gone or Locked Down Hard, Dammit:
The Only Option Possible for [personal profile] copperbadge by [ profile] ladyjaida
Summary/Excerpt: "Remus didn't love Sirius Black. He didn't even fancy him. He had a deep hollow of fondness for Sirius somewhere in the center of his chest, a constriction of the ribs over something soft and pliant and very warm."

Rec Posts By Other People:
[personal profile] delia's 2009 "Quarrelling like an old married couple." Or, Why I Sail HMS Wolfstar.
[personal profile] musesfool's 2004 rec post
[ profile] imochan's 2009 rec post Remus/Sirius Lovepost: A User's Guide
[personal profile] thedogstar's 2011 10 Remus/Sirius Fic + some other stuff to make up for the fact ten is a very small number

Other Fic Resources That I've Run Across But Haven't Read Comprehensively:
Moonstar: The Sirius/Remus FQF Archives / on LJ as [ profile] celticmoonstar
Know It Alls: The Very Best Harry Potter Fanfiction Recs (see their RL/SB tag)
The Howl Kingdom: An archive of R/S fanfiction
Unfit For Society Recs @ [personal profile] unfitforsociety; check the HP tag
The Remus/Sirius Games 2009-2011 @ [ profile] rs_games and 2008 @ [community profile] rs_games: Team Sirius and Team Remus compete by creating the best stories and artwork possible and readers vote on each work.
[ profile] remusxsirius: A general community for the pairing
[ profile] rs_remix / The Great Remus/Sirius Remix: A 2011 Remus/Sirius remix fest
[ profile] dogdaysofsummer / The Dog Days of Summer: A 2008 Remus/Sirius daily prompt summer challenge
[ profile] accio_rs_fics / Accio Remus/Sirius Fics!: For asking for help finding a story featuring Sirius Black and Remus Lupin
[ profile] marauderbigbang: The 2010 Marauders' Big Bang Fanfiction Challenge
[ profile] rsbigbang / The 2011 Remus/Sirius Big Bang: Fanfiction posting starts June 6, 2011
[ profile] mwpp_mischief / Mischief Managed: A community dedicated to running fanfiction/fanart fests inspired by the Marauders; 2010-2011 round recently wrapped up.
[ profile] mp_ldws / Moon and Padfoot Last Drabble Writer Standing
[community profile] rs_career_fest / The 2010 Remus/Sirius Career Fest (admin community hosted on LJ @ [ profile] rs_career_fest ): Remus Lupin and Sirius Black in any career you could have ever wanted them in!

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Oh my goshhh so many of these fanfics are SOOO good!!
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Link :
it's call Serendipity and it also has slight Jily and also PETER IS NOT A PATHETIC MEAN PERSON IN THIS ONE!! show the author some love!