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Princess Tutu: An Outstanding Original Fairy Tale

Princess Tutu a short original animated series about a duck who is a girl who is a ballet student who is a magical princess who is a swan who is the savior of a kingdom that is at the heart of a world of fairy tales. I swear, that is a completely accurate summation of the plot, and it makes total sense when one watches the series.

In addition to being all of the above, it is also one of the most complex, dense, intertextual, feminist, trope-inverting, didn't-see-it-coming, watching-at-the-edge-of-my-seat, gorgeous, lyrical media pieces I've ever experienced. Princess Tutu takes your expectations and flips them inside out all to a lovely soundtrack and choreography from classical ballet.

I seriously recommend this series to anyone interested in the following: feminism, fairy tales, ballet, and breath-taking complicated emotional story telling.

Princess Tutu is available on Hulu and Netflix.

You'll never take my subversive, deeply feminist Magical Girl anime away from me.

Happily Ever After Every Now And Then (6923 words) by faviconbucketmouse
Summary/Excerpt: When the wall was broken, the real world came in. Happily ever after still exists if you know where to look for it. Or if you have someone to lead you to it.

All that you can't leave behind (166 words) by faviconrilina / All that you can't leave behind by [ profile] rilina_fic
Summary/Excerpt: Some things you don't forget. Fakir, Rue.

According to Method by [ profile] elektra3 / According to Method at [ profile] princesstutu
Summary/Excerpt: He's not sure when, exactly, he fell in love with her, but the fact that she didn't laugh at him might have had something to do with it. Written for Asatira.

Oshidori by [ profile] canis_m
Summary/Excerpt: "In the Orient, ducks are romantic."

Of Kisses and Quotes: Routine by Manda-chan
Summary/Excerpt: "And although he dances without a partner, his audience of one is always present in the room with him: a small duck with a peculiar tall feather atop her head, and large blue eyes that are always watching the young man as he leaps and spins about the enclosure."

Epilogue (533 words) by faviconcanis_m / Epilogue by [ profile] canis_m
Summary/Excerpt: "My wife," he said, "is retired now, but for most of her life she was a dance instructor. Prior to that she was a duck."

Still Life With Duck by [ profile] canis_m
Summary/Excerpt: "In the end, there was nothing for the duckling to do but return to her pond. Most of her friends had forgotten her, and the prince had gone far away. The duckling was a little lonely, but she was not alone. The knight who had once served the prince was with her, and he'd traded his sword for a mightier--if not so reliable--thing."

prompt: the perils of falling in love with an underaged duck by [ profile] canis_m
Summary/Excerpt: "You weren't meant to read that," said Fakir in a strangled voice. "It wasn't meant to be read."

Wake Us and We Drown by [ profile] tokyofish
Summary/Excerpt: "I’m sorry, he says. I woke you. It was a dream. I couldn’t sleep. I thought I’d write."

Idyll by [ profile] tokyofish
Summary/Excerpt: Fakir takes some time for introspection on a misty morning.

Better Endings (1225 words) by faviconlacewood / Better Endings by [ profile] lacewood
Summary/Excerpt: "Living in a story was one thing. Writing an ending, Fakir realized, was another matter entirely."

prompt: cyberpunk!Princess Tutu by [ profile] lacunarity
Summary/Excerpt: "Green light reflected off the hacker’s glasses. “You’re late,” Author said, not looking up from the monitor."

What We Do Not Regret by [personal profile] octopedingenue
Summary/Excerpt: "You don't hate it, do you, Rue-chan?"

If you are in search of more fic: [ profile] tutufic; fic recs @ octopedingenue's delicious; roughly 1,000 fics @
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Thanks for the rec. Go to read now!
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If you like Princess Tutu, you should watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It is a faustian deconstruction of the magical girl genre, with a feminist bent (passes the Bechdel Test within the first 5 minutes of the show, etc.) It's also very short (12 eps) and very tightly plotted. Don't read up on it on the internet too much before you watch it though - it's better without spoilers ;)
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Thanks for the rec! I just Netflixed it; looking forward to checking it out.
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Ooh! And that'll make it all the easier to promo if I feel so inclined :)

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Ooh, sounds neat! Probably not the sort of thing I'd have looked into on my own.

BTW, it's available on Hulu!
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Oh my god, it's on hulu! Bookmarking your post for when I finish it.
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I've seen the first season a few years ago so I'm not totally unaware but I'm glad I can finish it without hunting downloads down.