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Dostana Fic Recs


Yes, I went searching for fic. Don't look at me, look at the fics!

Note: Fic title/author/fandom/rating/notes stolen from original author's posts, for the most part. Yes, I am that lazy.

Best Laid Plans at DW / at LJ by [personal profile] fatema
Pairing: Sam/Kunal
Rating: R
Summary: A whole year of pretending can make some things true.

it begins... by [ profile] protoplasmic
a possible glimpse into what happens next

Fav line: "Because it’s the right thing to do, because Kunal is his best friend, because the kiss they shared is in the past and firmly staying there thanks to some of the best therapy money can buy."

The Simple Life by [ profile] monimala
Rating/Classification: PG, Sam/Kunal, slash, background het, post-movie, humor
Summary: Fist Kiss
Note: There is Hindi interspersed throughout the text.

Fav Lines: "It's like that scene in Kal Ho Na Ho except there is no Kantaben to walk in. That was an argument Sam actually won with Neha and Kunal. Maybe not Gabbar. Maybe not Munna and Circuit, but Rohit and Aman were definitely very gay."

The Secret Handshake by [ profile] monimala
Rating/Classification: PG-13 for mild adult content, Neha/Abhi, Sam/Kunal, Neha/Sam/Kunal OT3, futurefic, angst.
Summary: 715 words. She feels the rightness of it like a physical ache. The rightness… and the almost-ness.

Fav Line: "She isn't Draupadi; she can't have more than one husband… and even Draupadi had loved Arjuna more than the others, hadn't she?"

Picture Perfect by [ profile] monimala
Rating/Classification: PG-13, Sam/Kunal, slash, implied sexual content
Disclaimer: Dharma Productions, Karan Johar and his secret fantasies… these guys belong to any number of entities, none of which are me.
Summary: 850 words. A response to the Porn Battle XIII prompt "Sam/Kunal, surprise." Set post-movie.
Note: Most Hindi words are translated in text, some aren't.

Fav line: "Two men kissing on a sidewalk in South Beach is not a surprise to anyone… except to the two men doing so."

The Holy Moley Stuff by [ profile] monimala
Rating/Classification: PG, Kunal/Sam, slash, futurefic.
Notes: Some of the Hindi phrases are translated at the end, the rest should have enough context to be understood.

Fav line: "Karva Chauth?" he repeats, dumbfounded. "But Kunal, jiggrypoo, we are not really married. And I am not sure we even like each other. You don't have to do the holy moley stuff for me."

Venice, Anyone? by [ profile] monimala
Rating/Classification: R for language and mild sexual situations, Kunal/Sam slash.
Summary: 1775 words. Four ways that Sam and Kunal could have met, and one way they basically did!
Note: Some dialogue is in Hindi; it's translated at the end of the story.

Fav Line: "Kunal limps into the examination room, knees skinned and head still spinning. Stupid new bike. Stupid Maruti van. Stupid holy cow. It's the kind of threesome no man wants to be involved in."

Even Otherwise I Love You by [personal profile] tryfanstone
Rating: R
240 KB (ish, still tinkering)
Summary: Dostana 2, a modern Bollywood love story starring Sameer and Kunal, two men drawn together by fate. And a little help from Sam's mum.

Fav line: Kunal says, "This is my friend. He flew all the way from America to come to the wedding."

"I flew all the way from America to ruin your wedding," Sam mutters in Kunal's ear.

It's totally an Epic Fic of Glee and Squee and Sadness and Meta (elves?).
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[personal profile] tevere 2010-08-16 05:13 am (UTC)(link)

I've read monimala's wonderful ones, and now I'm looking forward to the EPIC. Thanks for the recs!
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[personal profile] tevere 2010-08-17 11:34 am (UTC)(link)
I suppose it is the alternate reality where they all live in the regular world fic.

Yes-- this is exactly it! My inclinations always lean that way, anyway-- I tend to watch canon and write realistic-style stories from it (even for canon that isn't realistic. Oh, the pain of some scifi fandoms!), so I loved finding this one. When I thought about Sam and Kunal being together, such a large part of it was their homophobia-- how they'd have to overcome that and reconcile themselves with that part of their identities, and their relationship.

There were some POV issues in that story that threw me out now and then, but like you said-- the depiction of the weight of cultural expectations was just so good, it more than made up for it.