Jan. 2nd, 2011

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Yuletide worked out well for me this year. I ended up with six positive comments (including my recipient) and five kudos, which made me extremely happy. My fic received some extremely useful last-minute editing from my friends.

In return, I lucked out! I received not only my Yuletide fic for Red, but a Yuletide Madness fic for Ooku. I'll definitely try to do Yuletide again next year. On to the recs!

Arts & Sciences RPF

The Knight of Infinite Resignation: His love for that princess would become for him the expression of an eternal love, would assume a religious character, would be transfigured into a love of the eternal being, which true enough denied the fulfillment but nevertheless did reconcile him once more in the eternal consciousness of its validity in an eternal form that no actuality can take away from him.

Beauty and the Beast

Shades of Bittersweet: What if Belle married Gaston? A series of vignettes set ten years after Gaston's ultimatum.


God Save The King (And Other Animals): When Private Baldrick bursts in with incredible news, Blackadder is skeptical. This is, in large part, because Private Baldrick is always wrong.


Beauty I'd Always Missed: Lex had learned the words in the rookery, teasing things to call the other hatchlings, expressions without meaning or context, only "different."

Hark! A Vagrant

The Squid is a Metaphor: There can be no secrets on a pirate ship. Nor, perhaps, should there be.

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

Benediction: Yeine visits Darr, afterward.

The Hunger Games

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The Lion in Winter

Mnemosyne: Memory is unreliable. This is more of a tragedy for some than for others.

Mass Effect

Carving Out A New Heart: For Tali, life is a series of adjustments and readjustments.


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Recommendations Listed )


The Game Is a Lie: GLaDOS: the artificial intelligence that cried wolf.

Sociology RPF

Many Forms of Resistance: No one had ever expected a critical theory conference to end so poorly. The worst you could usually expect was that someone would get wine thrown on them.

A Softer World

That'll Teach the Landlord for Saying, "All Utilities Included": People are driving to their jobs. We're in your basement building a time machine.

Tortall – Tamora Pierce

It Could Be Worse: What if there was an ever after for Alanna and Jon?

Vorkosigan Saga – Lois McMaster Bujold

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World of Warcraft

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Young Wizards – Diane Duane

Revelations: Romantic evening at home + Senior duties = Complications


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