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Boundbooks ([personal profile] boundbooks) wrote2013-09-21 05:02 pm
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chromicons' Seven Week Challenge: Tanishq Ads by Suresh Natarajan

10 icons for [community profile] chromicons's Seven Week Challenge: Round 1 - BODY PARTY.

These photos are from a series of jewelery ads for Tanishq, an Indian jewelry company. They were shot by fashion photographer Suresh Natarajan (his professional website). Full photo set at [personal profile] ingridmatthews's post on [community profile] multibeautiful. They're stunning photos, and I highly recommend checking out the full versions.

Suresh Natarajan's photography, for Tanishq

If you take one, please credit Suresh Natarajan. As long as you credit Suresh Natarajan, feel free to remix or use these icons as bases.

Comments or extra credit to myself ([personal profile] boundbooks) is lovely, but not required.

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