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This journal is currently locked. If you arrive at it and there are any particular entries that you've reached via link and wish to be un-locked, drop a comment and I'll take a peek at the entry and see if it's something I can unlock. :)

Edit - rec posts and the like will be likely unlocked in the future, but I don't do a lot of those per year. So, feel free to unsubscribe since I know the volume of public content here will drop a lot!
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Would you mind unlocking your Draco/Hermione recs post? :) (
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[personal profile] ein_myria 2013-01-06 09:07 am (UTC)(link)
Thanks! :)
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Uh? So does this mean you're not posting/reading on DW any more?
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Hope everything's going okay and that nothing's happened to cause you to feel you need to go locked. (Your choice, obvs, but just a little concerned for you.)
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would you mind unlocking your sirius/remus rec list please? ( :)
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Hope all is well and this is just a personal decision you're making because it's time, not because it's prompted by any kind of a crisis.