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Trimming subscriptions a bit, simply because a lot of my interests have shifted. Hope everyone has been doing well. :)
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Trimming subscriptions a bit, simply because a lot of my interests have shifted. Hope everyone has been doing well. :)
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For those in the US for whom it may be of interest:

The official Affordable Care Act website. Go there and pick your state to see your options for health insurance.

For 2014, the Open Enrollment Period is October 1, 2013–March 31, 2014. Coverage starts as soon as January 1, 2014.

There have been technical glitches reported, and you may not be able to purchase immediately. However, I'm betting that those technical issues will be fixed by the time coverage is due to begin.

Edit - One important note about the Health Insurance Marketplace:

"You can buy a health plan inside or outside the Marketplace. But the only way to get lower costs based on your income...on your monthly premiums or out-of-pocket costs is to buy a plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace." - Can I buy health insurance outside the Health Insurance Marketplace?

So, it maybe be worth it to check out options even if you already have coverage.
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10 icons for [community profile] chromicons's Seven Week Challenge: Round 1 - BODY PARTY.

These photos are from a series of jewelery ads for Tanishq, an Indian jewelry company. They were shot by fashion photographer Suresh Natarajan (his professional website). Full photo set at [personal profile] ingridmatthews's post on [community profile] multibeautiful. They're stunning photos, and I highly recommend checking out the full versions.

Suresh Natarajan's photography, for Tanishq

If you take one, please credit Suresh Natarajan. As long as you credit Suresh Natarajan, feel free to remix or use these icons as bases.

Comments or extra credit to myself ([personal profile] boundbooks) is lovely, but not required.
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This journal is currently locked. If you arrive at it and there are any particular entries that you've reached via link and wish to be un-locked, drop a comment and I'll take a peek at the entry and see if it's something I can unlock. :)

Edit - rec posts and the like will be likely unlocked in the future, but I don't do a lot of those per year. So, feel free to unsubscribe since I know the volume of public content here will drop a lot!
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Round 2 of the Dramione Remix ([ profile] dramione_remix) wrapped up not too long ago. The idea behind the remix was that "participants will choose from a list of famous couples throughout history, mythology, literature, folklore, legend, etc. Then they will remix the original couples' story, choosing whatever elements of the original story that they find inspiring to create a brand new Dramione fic or piece of art!"

I decided to do a list of my personal favorites, as there were a significant number of entries, particularly long ones.

The following rec list is a reflection of my personal taste, with a loose focus on works that reinterpreted a central concept or theme.

Mind Pop | Teen | (26978 words) by riptey
Couple: Alice/Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland
Summary: While working her first big case for the DMLE, Hermione finds herself staring down the limitations of linear time--with the help of some thoroughly unhelpful people. Meanwhile, the majority of Draco’s mind is trapped in a comatose state, but some of it’s still wandering around. Even Seers and queens can’t be expected to put up with that sort of nonsense, which means someone else will have to. All this, when Hermione was already more confused than any one person should ever have to be.
Link: on H&V | on AO3

Amongst the Living | General Audiences | (8,403 words) by jdphoenix
Couple: David/Elizabeth from Just Like Heaven
Summary: Students are being petrified, the school is in danger of being shut down, exams are almost upon them, and Draco has his own, personal Gryffindor ghost. Perfect.
Link: on AO3 | on LJ

Save Me, San Francisco | Teen | (20,897 words) by withdrawnred
Couple: Dimitri and Anastasia of Anastasia.
Summary: In which Hermione has to find Malfoy and return him to his rightful place in Wiltshire.
Link: on H&V | on LJ

The Oubliette | Explicit | (12,024 words) by captainraychill
Couple: Jareth and Sarah from the movie Labyrinth.
Summary: A story about forgetting.
Link: on LJ | on H&V

Introduce People with Thoughtful Details | Mature | (5,946 words) by captainraychill
Couple: Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy from Bridget Jones’ Diary.
Summary: To Hermione Granger's great irritation, Draco Malfoy mocks her newest social skill.
Link: on H&V | on LJ

Delivered | Teen | (2,750 words) by dormiensa
Couple: Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly from "You've Got Mail"
Summary: Hermione and Draco’s project for the Department of Mysteries produced startling results. But then, what else could have been expected of such a partnership?
Link: on H&V | on LJ

For the Round 1 Rec List, check out Recommendations from Dramione Remix.

Crossposted to [community profile] dramione
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I had to default on my Kaleidoscope story this year, but I'm so glad that I signed up, because otherwise I would not have gotten this gem* of a story.

How Vivian Shing Stole Everything She Wanted (3783 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Saving Face (2004)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Wilhelmina Pang/Vivian Shing
Characters: Wilhelmina Pang, Vivian Shing, Dr Shing, Jay

This is an Alternate Universe where Wil is a retrieval specialist who travels around the world for a high-end insurer, and Viv is a bold and talented jewel thief.

Also, here's a handy List of Kaleidoscope & Kaleidoscope Treats Submissions sorted by alphabetical order. Go forth and enjoy yourselves!

*You see what I did there? Yes, yes, you did. :D
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Dramione Remix ([ profile] dramione_remix) recently wrapped up, with roughly forty entries. The idea behind the remix was that "participants will choose from a list of famous couples throughout history, mythology, literature, folklore, legend, etc. Then they will remix the original couples' story, choosing whatever elements of the original story that they find inspiring to create a brand new Dramione fic or piece of art!"

I decided to do a list of my personal favorites, as there were a staggering number of entries, particularly long ones. There's a lot of the following on this list:

1) Gender role-reversal of the couple
2) Reinterpretation of the story or interpretation of concept/theme, rather than a straight re-telling

Top Three Four Favorites

Constrictor (5,560 words) | Teen | by Riptey (on LJ)
Couple: Othello/Desdemona (Othello)
Summary: Draco isn’t really that bad of a person--not anymore, that is--but try telling him that. It’s going to take a lot of convincing.

Not-Astronomy-Class (5,917 words) | Teen | by Elyaeru (on LJ)
Couple: Flynn/Rapunzel (Rapunzel)
Summary: It was either have pointy things sticking into his bum all evening or talk to a drunk Hermione Granger. He chose the latter.
Notes: I freakin' adored this twist on magical hair. :D

Perish the Universe (31,389 words) | Mature | by Dayang Lucilla (on LJ)
Couple: Bonnie/Clyde
Summary: Perish the universe provided I have my revenge. - Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac
Heaven has no wrath like grief to rancor turned, nor hell a fury like a parent anguished.
In 2010, Britain is rocked by the unsolved disappearance of a little girl, daughter to Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy.
In 2011, America is rattled by a series of scattered and strange crimes, cold cases before the corpses even cooled.
A story of Draco and Hermione on a journey of vendetta, and a journey back to each other.

Different Names For The Same Place (No word count given. Likely 100,000+) | Mature | by [ profile] namelessamelie
Couple: Rhett/Scarlett
Summary: Sometimes, the wind blows us places we’ve never dreamed.
Notes: Devastating and fantastic.


Eleven More Recommendations )

Cross-posted at [personal profile] boundbooks
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'Older' is a rather flexible concept. Mostly what I was going for in these fic recs was a few things: Draco and Hermione being in their thirties or forties and the story being about a transitional period in their lives. The majority of fics about them seem to be set at Hogwarts or during their twenties, and while I love those fics, it's also nice to read about them during a different stage of their lives. The age, while a loose criteria, was less important than the sense that they were adults at a cross-road in their lives.

Ratings are AO3-style: General Audiences, Teen, Mature, Explicit

Best Beloved Fic of My Entire Heart

The Politician's Wife (65887 words) | M | by faviconpir8fancier
Characters: Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter
Summary: This story is set twenty-three years after the fall of Voldemort. Our main characters are Ministry employees, middle-aged, and the majority of them not very happy.

Other Lovely Things

Ten More Older Hermione & Draco Fic Recs )

Note: Cross-posted at [community profile] dramione
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10 icons from [community profile] chromicons Seven Week Challenge. Round 4: Rainbow Challenge

I first heard about Nellie Kim over at [community profile] multibeautiful. To quote [personal profile] nanila's post: "Nellie Kim was a half-Sakhalin Korean, half-Tatar Soviet gymnast. She won five gold medals in 1976 and 1980 and was considered one of the most elegant and expressive performers on the floor. She was the first woman to perform the full twisting Tsukahara vault in Olympic competition in the 1976 Olympics." In addition, she "was the first woman in Olympic history to earn a perfect 10 score on the vault and the first to earn it on the floor exercise." (Wikipedia) After her retirement from Olympic competition at age twenty-three, Nellie went on to become an international and Olympic judge, and led the 2004 overhaul of the Olympic gymnastic scoring criteria.

I picked Nellie Kim for this round after seeing the post on [community profile] multibeautiful. For me, it's rare enough to find other half-Asian people, nevermind finding a half-Asian legendary international gymnast. I'm glad that I found out about Nellie Kim. In my search for images, I came across a rather poignant blog post, MotleySu: Ode to a Gymnastics Queen (August 2008), in which the author talks about what seeing Nellie Kim meant to her as a half-Korean girl in the 1970s.

For more current information about Nellie Kim and her career, check out the following: International Gymnast Online Interview - Nellie Kim (Belarus/FIG) (June 2010)


If you take one, credit and a comment would be lovely, but neither are required.
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10 icons for the [community profile] chromicons Seven Week Challenge. Source Image: Anna May Wong

One of the things that most annoyed Anna May Wong, Los Angeles-born silent film star, was that she was continually typecast as a "Butterfly" or "Dragon Lady," as well as denied the starring role in The Good Earth due to Hays Code anti-miscegenation rules. The leading lady role was instead played by an actress in yellow face, while Wong was offered the role of the seductive villain, which she turned down. So, when making these icons, I deliberately chose a photo where she was wearing the type of clothes for the type of role that she wished she could play.


If you take one, credit and a comment would be lovely, but neither are required.

Resource Credits
Vector Line Brushes 2 by PhysicalMagic
Paper Brushes by crazykira-resources
Various Paper Pieces by Hest1a
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In July and August, I rec'd the following at other communities:

Harry Potter
Silver by [personal profile] quigonejinn was recommended at [community profile] fancake for their magical creatures (werewolves) round

Cormac McLaggen/Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy
Months & Days (11309 words) by favicontreeson was recommended at [community profile] fancake for their polyamory round

Pansy Parkinson/Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy
Triple Agenda (7892 words) by faviconMusyc was recommended at [community profile] fancake for their polyamory round

Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger
Prisoners (2140 words) by faviconningloreth was recommended at [community profile] fancake for their hurt/comfort round

The Mirror Lied (1844 words) by faviconstripped was recommended at [community profile] bestthingever

Obsessive! Draco Recs at [community profile] dramione

AO3 Dramione Fic Recs at [community profile] dramione

Short & Fluffy Fic Recs at [community profile] dramione

Deflower Draco is Now Posting (with two fic recs) at [community profile] dramione

Full Metal Alchemist
Greed/Lanfan/Ling Yao
The Heel On Your Shoulder (970 words) by faviconMemlu was recommended at [community profile] fancake for their polyamory round

Fullmetal Alchemist OT3: Greed/Lanfan/Ling Yao at [community profile] anime_manga

Thor (2011)
Sif & Sensibility (15276 words) by faviconnewredshoes was recommended at [community profile] bestthingever
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Here, have some fic. Why? Well, the world needs more awesome bad-ass ninja ladies with metal arms, more devious, greedy homunculi, and more joking, undyingly loyal princes. FMA OT3 forever.

The Heel On Your Shoulder (970 words) by faviconMemlu
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Greed/Lanfan/Ling Yao
Characters: Greed, Greed (Ling), Ling Yao, Lanfan
Summary: Greed and Ling discuss honesty with oneself, the sublimation of desire, and Lanfan.

Giving and Taking (1800 words) by faviconMemlu
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Greed/Ling Yao/Lanfan
Characters: Greed, Greed (Lin), Ling Yao, Lanfan
Summary: "Hey, hey," said Greed. "What's going on here?" // Ling and Lanfan are a little busy. Greed has a few ideas.

Too Many Cooks (571 words) by faviconbravenewcentury
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Greed/Lan Fan/Ling Yao
Characters: Greed, Lan Fan | Ran Fan, Ling Yao | Lin Yao
Summary: Hundreds of years and he still never learned to cook.

Zeal (3662 words) by faviconRawles
Rating: Mature
Warning: Underage
Relationships: Greed/Lanfan/Ling Yao, Lanfan/Ling Yao, Greed/Lanfan
Characters: Ling Yao, Greed, Lanfan, Greed (Ling)
Summary: Lanfan has always been weak.

Cross-posted to [community profile] anime_manga

edit - [personal profile] pseudo_tsuga rec'd schellibie's art, and their FMA gallery is OT3 EVERYWHERE! :D
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To the Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger fans on my list, I've dropped two sets of rec posts over at [community profile] dramione. The recs aren't cross-posted here, because these recs fall more in the category of 'If you already like Dramione, you'll probably like this slightly unusual fic or be interested in how this particular trope is explored.'

So, interested parties should go over to [community profile] dramione to check 'em out: AO3 Dramione Fic Recs & Obsessive!Draco Recs
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A quick primer on how to look totally clueless, by Keith Mander:

@Jane: Does LiveJournal? Does Mugglenet? Does Does How much should I pay Tolkien? How should it be calculated? Should all donations the site has received (not much, I might add) be passed on to them? Would it be acceptable for the site to cover its costs? And have some cash to invest into improving the site? And what about the owner (who might be unemployed so that they have the time to run multiple sites) having some sort of wage so that they can eat and live? I’d like to better understand what you propose and what you would find acceptable.

Translation: I expect people to write for free, but since technical issues are real skills, I should be paid. All the money. To live on. Off of your free work. Also, I appear to be unaware that Tolkien is dead.

Expand to see Mander ask questions about the meaning of the term 'canon' and 'slash', offer to share profits with fanfiction writers, and in general be a clueless, entitled jerk. )

@STELLA: I’d love to develop a better archiving software that everyone can benefit from, if you’ll allow me. I’m confident that I can do a really great job, just like I’ve done with other sites which people love. But for now, as per our most recent announcement, nothing is really set to change.

Translation: Please allow me to use your work as my risk-free venture capital source. Also, I am super entitled and believe that you fandom people are infringing on my right to build a business. Clearly, you should all shut up, sit down, and wait for me to produce results while you fund me.

Keith Mander, your comment is a dream. AFK for dying from laughter.

edit on 7/9/2011 - tagged with the ship: draco/hermione tag because of an epic Dramione fanfic meta/tropes discussion in the comments courtesy of [personal profile] musyc and [personal profile] mswyrr!
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On June 26th, members received an unpleasant surprise. Their archive featured an announcement that it had been sold to a businessman they'd never heard of before, so that he could turn it into a for-profit website!

This brings us to ex-Facebook employee Keith Mander, who has privately bought two fanfiction archives (LotRFanfiction and TwilightArchives). He plans on turning them into ad-revenue streams and using his profits to "quickly enter and dominate new fandoms."

The direct quote from his post about buying )

But why fandom sites, specifically fanfiction archives, you might ask? Well, the answer is that Keith Mander would like to explain to us all about Making Moneyz On Teh InterWebz, because he thinks that the only reason no one does this is because fandom is full of idiots. Clearly, no one in fandom has ever thought about the issues involved in monetizing fandom activity ever before.

Excerpt from Keith Mander's Interview on Midas Code, a site devoted to buying and selling websites )

Did I mention that none of this appears to have been done with any discussion or even forewarning of site moderators, authors or community members?

But don't worry! Keith Mander assured community members that everything will remain free! Yes, they will remain free to spend hours of their own time writing stories, which are highly valuable content, in order to make him money. What a great deal! Just what every fanfiction writer dreams of doing someday!

Keith Mander's Promise to Keep Everything Free (Including What You'll Work For) )

I bet you can guess what happened next. @#$%^ hit the fan, and rightfully so.

6/28: [personal profile] esteliel, who is involved in LotR fandom, did a pretty comprehensive write-up.
6/28: Write-up Part II.
7/1: Write-up Part III.
7/1: [personal profile] esteliel opens a new LotR fanfiction archive, Faerie: Tolkien Fanfiction, which appears to be where the purchased site's BNFs have fled.
7/1: The OTW chimed in
7/1: [personal profile] ithiliana does a write-up on member's reactions as well as the site's stats and story/chapter losses, as people flee.
7/2: An update on stats and loses.
7/3: [personal profile] elf writes up a giant chronological ManderFail linkspam
7/3: Keith Mander shows up on the fucking OTW site to explain how he won't make too much money off of exploiting specific fanfiction archives, therefore it's alright. For. Fucking. Reals.
7/3: @ [ profile] clairvoyantwank, [ profile] made_by_kali has mentioned contacting Mander, because as soon as the site changed hands, he violated the attribution non-commercial licence on their efiction skins.
7/3: Keith Mander and former site-owner Adora put up an announcement begging people not to flee. They would like to have a 'dialogue' about this and promise rainbows, sunshine and puppies, but also want people to know that:

"We're both busy with family commitments int he coming days but wanted to get this quick message out to you to begin this dialogue with you." - 7/3/2011 announcement begging for revenue streams to stop leaving*

I guess that they would like people to cease being pissed off at a time that's inconvenient to them. It would be far more convenient for Mr. Mander to have people be angry between Thursday and Friday, 9-5, this week, so that he can continue with his plans to exploit their work for his personal profit at his convenience.

I think that there's a comment on Keith Mander's blog that summed up the fundamental disconnect between what Mander thought he was doing and what fans know he's doing:

Someone sold you the Brooklyn Bridge, dude!
They sold you land “nobody was living on” that had someone’s house and garden already there.
You “snapped up” a used car that still had a driver and passengers! Who don’t want to go down the road you’re trying to steer! And you didn’t even look in the windows! - a comment on Keith Mander's blog

For those who are curious, this has already been reported to [ profile] wank_report, subsequently posted to [ profile] clairvoyantwank, and it looks like a [ profile] fandom_wank entry will shortly be posted. I, for one, am looking forward to the imminent arrival of 'ManderFail' as a co-entry with 'FanLib' in fandom history.

Although, given the nature of the fail, I'm getting pretty fond of [personal profile] esteliel's suggested name, SaruMander. :P

*Title of post de-bullshitized for your convenience.
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Ah, late 90s/early 2000s nostalgia. I was bopping around and trying to see how many of those old, epic fanfics were still around from when the Internet was new and shiny, and Geocities and Angelfire ruled the roost.

That means Dragonball Z fanfiction! Time to use the Google-machine.

To my delight, Vejiitasei Ascendant (otherwise known as the most epic and likely the best DBZ fic, ever) is still up. This thing has a cult-following, and deservedly so. I'm not sure how the site is still up, as I thought Geocities was taken down, but I'm happy for this turn of events. I am also not the only one who pines for this fic, as can be seen in this recent (and gorgeous) ebook cover. I re-read this damn thing every few years, and it's still ridiculously good. Also notable and unusual among DBZ fics for probably coming in as a light R-rating, should it be rated.

There were a couple of others that I remember being heavily rec'd around as classics, but I haven't read 'em in ten or so years. I remember liking 'em when I read 'em long ago, but ten years is a damn long time. Thus, no guarantees of quality for the following:

Warning: To my recollection, long DBZ fanfic tended to be extremely sexually explicit, violent, and with tons of non-con and dub-con. Late 90s/early 2000s fandom didn't even have terms for half the stuff people normally consider/warn for now. Warnings pages tended to be non-existent, so consider this a blanket warning for possibly disturbing content in any of the following.

Juuhachi-gou's Place of Being is dead, dead, dead. Luckily, she posted her stuff on back in 2000, so if anyone's looking for epic Future Trunks and Android 18 fic, go check it out. Start with Dragon Ball Super Z Episode 1: Walk This World.

Hikari no Tabi: The Journey of Light: Bardock's team after the destruction of Vejiitasei.

Dragoness Eclectic's Dragonball Z Fan Fics seems to have continued updating, as she now offers her Radditz fics in MOBI and EPUB.

Dominion: Reprise "What if Gero's evil didn't end with the Androids? What if there were a horror so destructive that those seeking revenge for it would go to any lengths - any lengths at all - to gain justice? A very serious fanfic; based after DBZ ended (negating DBGT, which is an atrocity *cough*)."

Lisalu's Red Dragon Tetralogy
Red Dragon
Season of the Moon
Sins of the Fathers

Now I'm curious. What other fandoms do people remember from their early years of Internet-dwelling? Anyone got any hot-pink, sparkly Geocities fan pages that they remember fondly, or authors that they wish would re-appear on AO3? :)
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The Rules:
1. You must credit makani, since it is her art. I have made this easy to remember, as all file names carry 'art_by_makani' as part of their name. Her website can be found at acciobrain! if you wish to link it.
2. I have no preference either way if you choose to/choose not to credit [personal profile] boundbooks
3. Do not hotlink, please! :)
4. Comments are nice but not required. <3
5. As long as you credit makani, feel free to remix/use as bases/cover in purple glitter these icons.

Total Icon Count: 186

Note: A great deal of the icons are simply different crops of a single bit of fan-art. I like having lots of options, and it's reflected in what I made. :P

Below you shall find various Gryffindors, Slytherins, a Ravenclaw, Malfoys, Professors, Weasleys, Aurors, Dark Arts, Death Eaters, convicts, Animagi, a house-elf, some Dramione, and Crookshanks. )
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I like Viktor and Hermione. I think they'd be brilliant together. Also, I firmly believe that Viktor is Not So Secretly a die-hard romantic and thus an excellent foil for Hermione's tendency to be overly practical. To quote [personal profile] newredshoes: "I will continue to be sad forever that they didn't get married and discuss magical theory and politics while traveling Europe and raising a brilliant, intellectual family."

One Question | PG | by [personal profile] scifichick774
Summary: Viktor's grandmother always knows; all it takes is one question.

Silence is Bliss | G | by [personal profile] scifichick774
Summary: He’d been seeking sanctuary; he hadn’t realized he was intruding on hers.

a drabble | G | by [personal profile] scifichick774
Summary: "And if Harry and Ron couldn't appreciate her, she knew someone who did; someone who still wrote her letters even after almost two years of being separated."

Evening Star (355 words) | G | by faviconCelandine
Summary/Excerpt: Viktor's made a decision.

monster in the woman (1612 words) | T | by faviconescritoireazul
Summary/Excerpt: Viktor is always searching for something, even at the end of the world.
Note: Very amused that I did not even realize this was for [personal profile] newredshoes until I was assembling this post. /hums 'It's a Small World After All'

Their Ships Have Sailed: Chapter 7: Like Losing the World Cup (3079 words) | G | by faviconhellpenguin
Summary/Excerpt: "Viktor Krum kisses her ink-stained fingers. He likes her vivid blush, the way she averts her eyes. He's used to having people look at him, but not to people who can't meet his eyes."

Chivalry | PG | by [personal profile] rozarka
Summary: Viktor asks McGonagall's permission to take Hermione to the Yule Ball.

Sneaky | G | by [personal profile] rozarka
Summary: Viktor asks Hermione's permission to take her to the Yule Ball.

Eloquent | G | by [personal profile] rozarka
Summary: Viktor and Hermione have a quiet moment after Hermione's spat with Ron at the Yule Ball.

Winterwhere | T | by [personal profile] rozarka
Summary: The day after the Yule Ball, a wintery walk and a picnic lead to Hermione's first kiss and to some conclusions on Viktor's part about his mentorship to Karkaroff.

Lucky Crookshanks | PG | by [personal profile] rozarka
Summary: Viktor and Crookshanks have a showdown over Hermione's lap.

Amortentia Hangover | G | by [personal profile] rozarka
Summary: Amortentia at a stag night, now that's inviting trouble.


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